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HA-LCI was the registration mark of the MALÉV TU 154-type passenger plane that on September 30, 1975, at 3:45 a.m. local time, eight minutes before its estimated landing time, crashed into the sea near Beirut without any foreboding signs. Fifty passengers and ten-member crew died. Official investigation later claimed the events to have happened due to unknown reasons.
The Hungarian News Bureau officially announces the loss only 30 hours later, but speculations in Budapest pick up as early as the next morning about the possibility of a terrorist attack. Meanwhile world press articles claim an RPG-attack against the aircraft, but nobody got any closer to the truth.
What is the truth? If it was indeed an attempt, who was behind it, and on whose mandate? These are the questions the two protagonists (a high-ranking officer of the Hungarian secret service, and the groom of one the crashed plane’s stewardesses) are seeking the answers to in this political-action-thriller. Their parallel investigations run obverse to the designs of the official establishment, as well as the concerned countries (Hungary, Lebanon, the Soviet Union, Israel, the USA, Great-Britain, and several Palestinian movements) various governmental organizations' interests.
It slowly becomes clear to our heroes, that due to the time’s Middle Eastern and world politics many of the valid-seeming answers might be possible, but for one reason or another, all sides involved appear to be most comfortable keeping the truth from unfolding, no matter how dire the methods they may need to use in order to do so.


Judit Kapitány-Diószegi, Iván Kapitány

Iván Kapitány

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